Problems when transplanting trees

  • 5Soil types and profiles – The wide range of soil types in this region has provided an interesting challenge over the years and TST has come to understand the important role this plays when moving tress from one site to another.
  • Underground utilities- Always a problem when digging anywhere, pipes (water and gas), telephone and electricity can cause untold disruption when damaged. TST’s experience has shown that different situations maybe handled in different ways to achieve success when, at first, no solution seems available
  • Accessibility- Because of the accessible nature of ┬áTST’s tree spade on a trailer, it can be manoeuvred into very tight spots where other, more cumbersome truck mounted spades, cannot. ┬áNot only buildings and tight spots, but overhead lines and other trees can all contribute to accessibility problems. Heavy trucks can damage driveways, lawns, irrigation sites and other special areas.
  • Every Job is Unique- All trees and their incumbent locations are different and as a result require different inputs into their successful relocation. Over the years, TST has encountered a wide variety of difficult situations, calling for unique and innovative solutions.
  • Wildlife- Possums, bird’s nests, bats and other wild life can all add to the excitement of tree moving.