Transplanting passion

11Relocating trees has become a consuming passion at TST, that includes moving the smallest garden trees to highly involved jobs transplanting large, old trees of historical or social significance to the community. Some ofthe most satisfying jobs have included relocating Roma’s famous World War I memorial Bottletrees and Aboriginal Scar trees on mining sites. Some jobs have involved moving up to 200 orchard or tree-farm trees to new sites in a single operation.

Not all trees needing a new home are transplanted! Some are removed to make way for development or redesign and may not have an immediate home. Fortunately, TST is able to “Dig-and-burlap” these trees so that they can be cared for temporarily pending a decision on where they end up going. This activity has seen large numbers of trees loaded onto road transport and moved interstate. Some trees even have a value and it is not uncommon for trees to be sold for significant sums.